Students Under 18

The majority of students at BEET are aged 18 and over.

We also welcome students aged 16 and 17 years old, especially in the summer months. The UK government has special rules for the care of students who are under 18. It is important that parents/guardians and students understand and agree to these rules before the start of their course.

Under 18s Handbook


Parents/guardians and students aged
under 18 should understand and agree that:

  • They will inform BEET if the student has any mental health history or other existing medical condition which would affect his/her ability to follow the course.
  • They will give details of any medication that he/she is taking before he/she arrives in the UK.
  • Students under the age of 18 will stay in homestay accommodation provided by the school.
  • They will provide next-of-kin and full 24-hour contact details for BEET Language Centre to use if there is an emergency.
  • Students will need to attend a meeting with the Safeguarding Officer on his/her first day. After the first week, students can choose to come to the weekly meeting with a Safeguarding member of staff. There is a compulsory one-to-one monthly meeting for all students under 18 with the Designated Safeguarding Lead.
  • As BEET is an adult school, students under 18 are not supervised outside lesson times. They are also not supervised while travelling between their homestay and school, during lesson breaks, or when travelling to or from social activities.
  • Students are able to to remain in school after their lessons have finished, and are welcome to access our facilities until the school closes at 5pm (6pm during peak times of year).
  • All weekend excursions are teacher-led, it is normal for students to have unsupervised time for shopping etc.
  • The student should bring enough pocket money for his/her stay at the school.
    Because the school does not provide lunches for free to students, they will need to buy their own lunch either from the BEET canteen or from a local shop.
  • Students must attend all their classes and must contact the school by phone or e-mail immediately if they are not going to attend a lesson for any reason.
  • Students should tell their homestay hosts if they are not going to be present for a meal (for example, because they want to eat out with friends).
  • Students must return to their homestays by 11pm from Sunday to Thursday, and by 12 midnight on Friday and Saturday night.
  • Students under 18 must not buy or consume alcohol or buy cigarettes.
  • BEET Language Centre must have written permission from parents or guardians before an under-18 student can stay out overnight.

Please note: BEET strongly advises that all students book a return airport transfer, and that personal insurance for their travel and time in the UK is arranged before they travel.