Student Reviews

We’re very lucky to have so many happy students here at BEET, hearing about their time with us makes our job even more worthwhile. Here’s what some of them have to say!

“In my opinion, BEET is a perfect place to study English.  All the people are very nice and engaged. Socializing with other students is very easy. The classes are very informative and varied. After class, Tanja from the canteen prepares an excellent lunch. My host family is also worth mentioning. They are very lovely and helpful people. I have my own large room with private bathroom. I eat  dinner with my host family every evening and we have a great talk together.  I highly recommend Beet for people who want to have a great, fun and educational time in Bournemouth!”

Noa Ruh, Cambridge English C1 Advanced (CAE), Swiss German

“Thanks Beet for the lovely host family, I,m enjoying my time with her , she is so friendly and great women . Last week she took me to the New forest and Christchurch. I feel with her like I am with my real family.”

Mohsen Almakrami, General English, Saudi Arabia


“My 3 months experience in Bournemouth has been fantastic! It is such an opportunity to make new friends, discover British culture and of course improve your English. My stay in a host family made my experience even more immersive. They’ve always made sure I felt comfortable and were really caring people. I can definitely state it’s an experience I will remember forever!”


Alessia Bujard, Cambridge English First, Switzerland

“My experience here was amazing from the first moment I went into the school. Honestly, it’s more than just a school: it is the perfect place to learn English, make new friends from all over the world and always feel happy. The staff is great, there are a lot of activities and excursions you can do that will make your stay here just wonderful. Thank you for everything.”

Giulia Muscolino, IELTS, Italy

During my course at beet in Bournemouth, I had the pleasure and good fortune of staying with a host family just a few blocks away from the school. Linzi turned out to be a very kind, warm hearted person, always with a smile on her face and ready to help out in whatever one may need, providing every student with recommendations, suggestions and advice. The house in itself is a joy. Very colourful and fresh.

I stayed twice at her place and am looking forward to staying with her again on my next trip to England

Susan Perner, 40+ Programme, Argentina

“I’m over the moon with my host mother, Roxanna. She’s a lovely and funny person and she always cares about our comfort and necessities. I’m very well here and the most important thing is that I feel like I’m at home. She’s always very pleased to talk with all of us and help us if necessary. It definitely helps me to improve my English level.”

Mariana Crespo, General English, Argentina

“I had a great time here, even only for two weeks. I found a lot of hospitality since the first day, both from those working at BEET and from the students. For me you are the best school that I attended. Thanks for all! In Italy we say ‘Una scuola indimenticabile’ The meaning is an ‘unforgettable school.”

Viola Butti, General English, Italian

‘’I would recommend this school to anyone as it is very familiar and I felt really comfortable after the first few days. The teachers and canteen team make the difference and are so encouraging! The exam preparation course is efficient and helps a lot to improve the weak parts. I learnt new things every day. My host family was absolutely amazing and I am very happy with my stay in Bournemouth.‘’

Mirjam S, CAE, Switzerland

“I loved my stay here. The school is great. I love the fact that there are not only good teachers and classes but also very cool after school activities. I also think that all the excursions are great! Finally for me there is nothing to change. I think you are doing great!”

Pascale Zuercher, CAE, Switzerland

“I think BEET school is fantastic in order to learn English and make friends from other countries. You meet fabulous people with whom you can speak in English and improve your skills in the language because there are people from all over the world. In addition, all the teachers are amazing and the classes are so entertaining! Finally, I would like to say that Tanya is so nice and bakes the best brownies I’ve ever tried! Thank you for everything.”

Silvia Sanz Hernan, General English, Spain

“I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to all those who are working for this wonderful school. Whether teachers, administrators or other service providers, all of them have been working hard for you to provide comfort and a good atmosphere for studying. In fact I never felt alienated in this country and this school. I wish you luck and success.”

Hakeem Ali, General English, Libya

“I think that this city and this school are really good places to spend some time studying English and meeting people from other countries. In my opinion, it has everything you need. The residential area is nice and it is easy to get to the town centre where you can go shopping, to many restaurants, pubs and club nights. There is also a beautiful beach where you can have a great time with your friends. To be honest I wouldn’t change anything.”

Ignacio Canario, General English, Spain

‘’BEET is much more interesting than a normal school, you feel like you’re in a big family – the teachers and other staff are always so happy and friendly!’’

Valentin Damians, General English, France

“Do more advertising in Austria! Hardly anyone knows anything about Bournemouth & BEET! I love Bournemouth and BEET! I would have loved English as a subject at school if I had had teachers like this.”

Marcel Schoepf, General English, Austria

“I think the school has a good atmosphere and I was in a small class. My class had lots of people from all over the world so you had to speak English! I love the brownies Tanya makes too! I had a great time here!”

Floreana Longatti, General English, Switzerland

“I was so happy with my host family, they are like my English family. Conversation with them has enabled me to improve not only my English and social skills but also broadened my horizons!!!”

Takuya Tsujimura, FCE Course, Japan

“Beet is an amazing place to learn English. The school is fantastic. The teaching, reception and canteen staff are fabulous and helpful. My 6 months were amazing and I learnt so much about English. I also made a lot of friends, so everything was fantastic for me!”

Cemre Akinal, General English, Turkey

“I had an absolutely great time at BEET. Everyone who works there is so kind and friendly. I think they always pay attention to the students as well. Harry and Rob always give me quick feedback and it really helps me. Furthermore, they give me many hints for learning English, so I will make a breakthrough. I liked the friendly atmosphere in my class so much. I will keep learning English. I appreciate all of your support.”

Saki Nakahara, General English, Japan

“There is something here that is indescribable, you will carry it with you forever.”

Erik Guadagnini, FCE & CAE Courses, Italy

“Wonderful School! A very nice place to study, engage in extra class activities and make friends all over the world!”

Paulo Sérgio Rocha, General English, Brazil

“It was the best two months in my life. Great teachers, staff and accommodation. I hope I can come back next holiday.”

Khalid Alruwaili, General English, Saudi Arabia

“A thousand miles begins with a single step. Studying at BEET language centre 3 times 2004, 2007 and 2009 was my starting point to pursue my higher studies. Not only did I polish my English, but also I improved my academic skills. I highly recommend this family-run, student-centred, and motivating school if you want to fulfil your dreams. Unforgettable memories bring me back to BEET and Bournemouth every summer leading a group of students who wish to follow my footsteps in my successful learning odyssey.”

Abdurrazzag Alghammas – Professor of English, Saudi Arabia

“When I first got informed about our language stay, I really was not that happy about it. Admittedly I usually miss my home rather quickly. But thanks to my absolute superb host Mum, Angie and furthermore thanks to you guys, I did not feel homesick not one jot!!! I even couldn’t picture myself ever leaving this place, it was honestly one of the best experiences of my whole life. I’m going to miss all of this so much 🙂 Thank you so much for your impeccable hospitality. I will never forget BEET or the wonderful people I got to meet there…Can’t wait to see you again :)”

Ivana Feller, Closed Group Course, Switzerland

“It is now my 4th stay and I think I want to come back again and again! BEET is a very good school, the teachers are skillful, everyone knows you and is attentive to the progress and the well-being of the students. It’s possible to take part in a large range of activities and excursions too. I think it is the best place to learn and improve your English, everyone is taken into account. Each time anyone asks me where I go, I definitely recommend BEET.”

Corinne Mollier, General English, CAE & General English, Switzerland

“BEET is a wonderful place! A microcosm of different people, cultures and languages, and shows how easy the world could be! Great! Thanks a lot for everything.”

Daniel Matter, General English, Germany

“I went to a lot of schools but BEET is the best school, it is absolutely amazing. I had a lot of problems in my life in Switzerland and BEET changed me a lot in a dreamy way. I met a lot of new friends and I’m looking forward to live in England, it’s an amazing country! Thank you so much for this time, it was the best time of my life.”

Marko Lezebur, General English, Switzerland

“All the teachers we had were very passionate and motivated, which created a great learning atmosphere. I thoroughly enjoyed Linda’s humorous approach of the English language. It was a joy to work with Jonathan and Linda on our English skills!”  

Alex Hausammann, CPE, Switzerland

“I really enjoyed studying at BEET, but I stayed here just for two weeks, it would be nice to stay for a longer period. I would recommend this school to anyone.”

Vittorio Bergamin, General English, Italian

“I loved the time here, I would love to stay longer and I will definitely recommend the school and Bournemouth as a town. I had a great time with my host family as well, she was so kind to me, she was like a second mom.”

Xenia Unseld, General English, Switzerland

“I was lucky enough to attend one of the high schools in the UK. I’m really greatful for all the works and time that you spent to make a better English speaker. Now I feel I’m confident to start my masters journey. I’ve learnt things beyond books and language, you have shaped me into the person I am today. Thank you so much.”  

Abdulaziz Musallam A Aljohani, General English, Saudi

“It was already recommended to me by my mother (studied at BEET in 1989). I would definitely recommend it to everyone!”

Severin Frank, General English, Switzerland

“I would definitely recommend BEET because it’s a beautiful place where you can make new friends and the school gives you always the opportunity even if you are shy. I think that the small structure is one of the positive things that have BEET as we can all know each other. Thanks for that beautiful two weeks.”

Flavia Fabucci, General English, Italy

“I was really enjoyed to stay here. Before I came here, I thought I could say only “yes” or “no”. However, I could make new friends and enjoyed to trip to London or to go to the sea or shops and pub (I didn’t drink alcohol). Everything became my great experience and memory! Thanks to BEET Language Centre, every memory borned from your buildings and atmosphere. I love England and Bournemouth.”  

Momoka Kudo, General English, Japan

“Since I studied English at BEET, my life has completely changed. Now, I can speak and write what I want to explain in English thank to BEET. Furthermore, I met and made such amazing friend as well. How marvellous! Everything related to BEET is like a miracle for me. Many thanks and I will highly miss my memories while I made here with BEET. Thanks a lot.”

Miso Lee, General English, Korea

“BEET is the amazing place. I enjoyed every second in this place. I met a lot of new friends, thanks to the school for it. I make many mistakes in writing but now I know what I need to improve. In my country people say: Нет предела совершенству I don’t know how to say it in English but I think it’s ‘there is no limit to perfection’. BEET has a lot of creative and talented people.”

Dmitry Kaverin, General English, Russia

“BEET reconciles a great deal of advantages in a single school: competence of its teachers, charming and friendly staff, intensity of the classes and permanent offer of social and cultural activities. We feel part of a family and this is the reason why we always want to come back!”  

Martha Halfeld F Mendonca Schimidt, General English, Brazilian

“I’ve been living here for 6 weeks. This language stay at BEET was one of the best experiences of my life, I can highly recommend BEET just because of the lovely staff here. The teachers are extremely motivating and helpful. I enjoyed the social activities at BEET as well, especially club night, it’s amazing.”

Annina Gisler, General English, Switzerland

“BEET is a very professional school in many ways! First of all the high quality teachers. Besides, I think Martin is the most important person in the school – he always says “good morning”, asks how you are. It makes me feel home and welcome. Besides, he take you and your problems serious, which makes me feel safe. Rhona, Rob, Jonathan and Kirsty are extremely good teachers. Besides of the high quality and varying lessons, they make me feel comfortable in the lesson therefore I dare to speak. Furthermore, they are patient, they listen and try to understand me (us). Especially Rhona. She is wonderful because she doesn’t only see you us as students but as humans. She is interested in you, what you have done, how you are as a person. Besides, she also concerns about our develop and how to improve more. Rhona makes an extra effort – thank you. The accommodation team (Millie, Alison) are very good listeners, they really take care of you, try to find the best solution and help you – thank you.”

Signe Kolbye, General English, Denmark

“BEET reconciles a great deal of advantages in a single school: competence of its teachers, charming and friendly staff, intensity of the classes and permanent offer of social and cultural activities. We feel part of a family and this is the reason why we always want to come back!”  

Martha Halfeld F Mendonca Schimidt, General English, Brazilian

Why choose BEET?

  • Family-run, student-centred school motivated by quality
  • Academic quality in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere
  • A founder member of ‘TEN’ – The English Network group of top quality Independent Schools, IALC & Quality English
  • Offer General English, IELTS & Cambridge FCE, CAE & CPE examination preparation
  • English Option Courses include: Reading, Writing & Vocabulary; Speaking, Pronunciation and Listening; IELTS & Cambridge English Examination preparation: B2 First (FCE), C1 Advanced (CAE) & C2 Proficiency (CPE)
  • English for Business (for closed groups only)
  • Choice of Homestay, Student House or Executive accommodation within easy walking distance – NO COMMUTING!
  • En-suite summer apartments
  • Free Online Learning Platform for all students for one year from your course start date
  • Free wifi in the school, student houses and homestays
  • Free one-way airport transfer with International Academic Year courses
  • Full social programme offering a range of varied activities every weekday night and teacher-led Saturday excursions

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