Specialist Courses

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These are tailor-made courses designed for closed specialist groups, also referred to as Project Alpha. They’re aimed at trainee or qualified professionals who require intensive, industry-specific English. Please contact us for more information.



– Highly intensive courses for closed groups
– For trainee or qualified professionals
– Lessons suited to the group’s specific
– English needs
– Formal diploma at the end of the course

Previous groups have included:

  • Qatari firefighters
  • Spanish military
  • Students at a Swiss technical college
  • Insurance specialists from Albania
  • Students from a Russian University’s business faculty
  • Italian PON groups
  • Students from a French business school
  • French engineering students preparing for TOEIC

‘’Beet is an amazing place to learn English. The school is fantastic. The teaching, reception and canteen staff are fabulous and helpful. My 6 months were amazing and I learnt so much about English. I also made a lot of friends, so everything was fantastic for me!‘’

Cemre Akinal, General English, Turkey

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