Homestay Accommodation

We choose our homestays very carefully, both for the facilities they have to offer and their ability to make you feel welcome. As a member of the household you will be eating together and sharing the common living areas. Living in a homestay gives you the opportunity to improve your English at home, too.

If you are under 18, you will need to stay with a BEET homestay family. Please find out more about how we care for our Students Under 18

B&B Homestay Accommodation
Bed and breakfast accommodation is available for students who don’t require evening meals.

Executive Homestay Accommodation
Whilst all of our families have been carefully selected, not all accommodation is the same. If you require a private bathroom or an en-suite room, you will need to select our Executive Homestay option – this is charged at a higher rate.

Executive homestay accommodation is also available for students who require B&B accommodation.

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Welcome to Homestay

We understand that you might feel a bit nervous about living abroad in a new family for the first time. We are always here to support you and have a team of Accommodation and Welfare Officers to help and advise you at all times. You can discuss your family preferences with us before you arrive to make sure we choose the right family for you,

Your Homestay:

  • Homestay families are reserved from Saturday to Saturday
  • Single, double or twin room options (shared room is only available for friends, partners etc.)
  • Breakfast & dinner provided during the week
  • Lunch is also included at the weekend
  • Maximum number of students per house 4*
  • Within 20 minutes’ walking distance of the school (during the summer months this could increase to 30 minutes but would always be on a bus route)
  • Wifi
  • 1 free load of laundry per week

*Under British Council regulations, if there are more than four students, the accommodation is classed as a private home and there may be less direct contact with the hosts.

I was so happy with my host family, they are like my English family. Conversation with them has enabled me to improve not only my English and social skills but also broadened my horizons!!!

Takuya Tsujimura, 20 Japan

Executive Homestay

  • Private bathroom guaranteed
  • Laundry & Ironing
  • Wifi
  • Within 20 minutes walking distance

Bringing the world together.

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