Private Accommodation Help & Advice

BEET recommends that students at the school should normally stay either at a BEET-organised homestay, or in a BEET student house or a summer residence flat. Around 95% of BEET students stay in one of these types of accommodation, which are arranged by the school.

However, we understand that some students prefer to arrange their own accommodation, either in private rented accommodation, hotels or bed and breakfast.

Please note that if you choose to stay in private rented accommodation that is not organised by BEET, there might be less opportunity to practise your English, and you will have to deal with the landlord or the manager yourself. The system in the UK might be very different from the system in your own country.

But we are here to help! If you have problems – with the landlord, with tenancy agreements, or just with the day-to-day problems that are typical when you are living in a new country – please go to the Accommodation Office, where we will be pleased to help.

Private rented accommodation:

If you arrange your own accommodation, please be careful!

    • You should have a tenancy agreement for your own protection
    • Do not send money or sign anything before you have seen the property
    • The landlord should give you a contract for you to sign. If you are not sure about anything in
      the contract, please bring it to the BEET Accommodation office and we will help you
    • You will have to pay a deposit before you move in

There will probably be other bills too: