Complaints Policy

Policy Statement

The following principles govern the school’s management of complaints:

  • The centre sets high standards in all aspects of the services it provides and takes complaints very seriously. We see complaints not only as instances where a stakeholder feels disappointed by the level of service provided, but also a source of feedback to the organisation which should prompt it to review and improve those services.
  • We believe that any issue, where possible, is best resolved informally between students and teachers or the Director of Studies or the Accommodation and Welfare Team.
  • We will always look to resolve any complaint within three working days.
  • Where a complaint is escalated to our Principal, we recommend to all students that their key points are set down in writing.
  • The Principal will again try to resolve the complaint within three working days.
  • We will manage any complaint received with professionalism and impartiality.


If staff have a complaint about an aspect of the services provided by the centre to employees, for example, food and drinks in the canteen or parking arrangements, they should raise it with their manager.

If staff have a complaint about how they are treated as employees of the organisation, they should follow the Grievances procedure in the Employee Handbook.

If homestays, neighbours, contractors or visitors have a complaint, it should be brought to the attention of the Principal by the member of staff to whom it is first reported. The Principal will respond to the complaint within three working days.

If students have a complaint about the services provided by the school, they should follow the complaints procedure (see below) posted in classrooms, public spaces and in the Student Guide.

How to complain about a problem at BEET

If you have a complaint, you should:

1 First, please speak to a manager.

For complaints about accommodation or welfare, you should speak to the Accommodation and Welfare Manager in Room 3
For any other complaint, you should speak to the Director of Studies in the staff room (teachers’ room).

2 If you are still not happy, you should see the Principal.

Please make an appointment at Reception to do this.

3 If you are still not happy, you can write to English UK*

The school will help you with your English if you wish.
Contact details are:
English UK
219 St John Street
London, EC1V 4LY

Telephone: +44 20 7608 7960

English UK will try to resolve the problem, but if this fails and you are still unhappy, the complaint can go to the independent Ombudsman, who will make a judgement which the school has to accept.