Abusive Behaviour Policy (Bullying And Harassment)

Notice to Students

Abusive (not nice) behaviour like bullying or harassment is against our first school rule, ‘Respect’ (see section on School Rules), and is not allowed at BEET. We will take action to stop abuse.

If someone has been abusive to you, please speak to a member of staff you feel comfortable with, or with a member of the management team, or the Accommodation and Welfare Manager.

We will investigate what happened and decide what action to take, if any. If our investigation shows that a member of staff, or another student, has been abusive, we will take disciplinary action. You won’t get into trouble if you report abuse.

Policy Statement

BEET Language Centre is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all staff and students: all forms of bullying, harassment, violent or abusive behaviour are unacceptable. There are procedures known to staff and students explaining what abusive behaviour is and how to report and/or respond to observed or reported bullying and harassment.

Employees or students who have bullied or harassed another member of the school will be subject to disciplinary action.



Bullying behaviour can be:

  • emotional – being unfriendly, excluding, tormenting
  • physical – pushing, kicking, hitting, punching or any use of violence
  • racist – racial taunts, gestures
  • sexual – unwanted physical contact or sexually abusive comments
  • homophobic – because of, or focusing on, the issue of sexuality
  • discriminatory – about disability, gender, age or other differences
  • verbal – name-calling, sarcasm, spreading rumours, malicious teasing
  • cyber – all areas of internet, such as email and internet chat room issues
  • mobile – threats by text messaging and calls
  • misuse of associated technology e.g. camera and video facilities


Harassment related to sex, gender reassignment, race, disability, religion/belief, sexual orientation and age, along with sexual harassment, is prohibited in employment and vocational training.

Harassment is defined as any unwanted conduct related to race, age, etc that has the purpose or effect of either:

  • violating the dignity of an individual OR
  • creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive atmosphere for an individual


STAFF: How to react if you suspect bullying and/or harassment:

1. Investigate all reports, however seemingly trivial
2. Once it has been established that bullying/harassment has taken place, refer the incident to the Centre Manager – or another senior manager if the Centre Manager is implicated in the abusive behaviour. This person will decide the appropriate course of action up to calling the police.
3. When appropriate, and with the Centre Manager, explain to the person acting unkindly that their actions are unacceptable and tell them the effect it has had on another / others.
4. Ask them to consider an appropriate way of putting things right and, if necessary, support them in making an apology.
5. Ensure that any apology/reconciliation is done with Beet Language Centre staff present so that it can be accurately recorded.
6. Alternatively, with the Centre Manager, bring both parties (bully and bullied) together for a “no blame” meeting. The aim is to clarify the situation through discussion and allow both sides to work out a solution that is satisfactory to them both. This will be recorded and signed by a staff member.
7. In the case of the student being under 18, the Designated Safeguarding Lead will be involved and will inform parents of those involved what has happened and how it has been resolved.

8. If, after this meeting, the bullying continues, it must be seen as deliberate or that the perpetrator (for example if suffering from fits of anger) is unable to control himself or herself. The Designated Safeguarding Lead will take immediate action to protect the bullied person and will begin procedures to restrict the activities of the bully. Beet Language Centre will keep parents of the parties aged under 18 fully informed.

9. In the case of students, any further incidents of bullying by the same person will result in their course being terminated immediately. In the case of staff, the disciplinary procedure will be implemented, which may result in dismissal.

10. Record the incident in the student’s record on the student database and in the Centre’s Incident Log.


Beet Language Centre will ensure that all staff and students are aware of the behavioural expectations when attending or working at the school.

Monitoring and Review

The Policy will be subject to annual review.
Last reviewed May 2021 DC