Student Disciplinary Policy

Policy Statement

BEET Language Centre is committed to providing an environment in which all students feel comfortable, confident and able to learn. To enable this, we have rules of behaviour and procedures to follow if students do not follow these rules. These rules are balanced by the School Values.

School Rules

1 Respect

Everyone must show respect at all times to other people in the school. No abusive behaviour is acceptable. For example, no abusive behaviour, or negative comments about appearance, age, sex, sexuality, marital status, nationality, race, religion or disability. This includes abusive behaviour on social media like Facebook.

2 Attendance

Students are expected to attend all their lessons. Muslim students are excused from Options lessons on Friday to attend mosque, but all other absences must be approved, in advance if possible, by an Academic Manager. Students must arrive at lessons on time – students who arrive late for a lesson will not be allowed in until the next lesson.

3 Participation

Taking part is important. Students must participate in class activities, complete homework assignments and be in a fit state to study when on school premises. This means students must not be drunk, under the influence of drugs, dressed inappropriately, or too tired to take part in lessons effectively.

4 English

Students should use English as much as possible, both in and out of the classroom, even in conversation with students from their own country.

5 Smoking

Students must not smoke in the school building or in the road. Please stand away from windows when smoking in the car park. This also applies to e-smoking/vaping.

6 Mobile phones

Your phones should be switched to silent when inside the school building. Mobile phones may be used during lessons with the teacher’s permission, but only for language learning. Students who use their phones for social networking, web browsing, emails or other non-academic purposes will be asked to turn them off. If they refuse to do so, they will be asked to leave the class.

If you break school rules and your behaviour does not improve, you may be expelled (you will have to leave the school with no refund).

Disciplinary Measures

Failure to follow School Rules will in most cases result in an informal interview of a pastoral nature; subsequent poor behaviour will lead to a verbal warning. If the offence persists, a written warning will be given; if there is no improvement, a final written warning will be issued which, if ignored, may result in exclusion. Serious breaches of School Rules may result in immediate exclusion.

In the case of students under 18 years of age, arrangements will be made for them to return home at their guardian’s expense.

Notes on Attendance

The school expects students to attend all classes, but accepts that on occasion students may not be able to do so. Students may be excused the by the Academic Management Team for a range of reasons such as sickness, medical appointments; visits to police stations, embassies or other authorities; attendance at or travelling to exams; caring for a dependant or looking after a sick fellow student.

Students receive the following on completion on their course:

Attendance Descriptor Document
98+% Excellent Certificate
95-97% Very good Certificate
90-94% Good Certificate
80-89% Satisfactory Certificate
70-79% Percentage Academic Report (doesn’t say ‘completed
successfully’, merely ‘followed’)
<70% Percentage Confirmation of Studies Letter
(with dates and course type)

Attendance is recorded by teachers on registers for all classes, then entered on to the student information management system (SIMS). Poor or deteriorating attendance is spotted by monitoring the registers, asking teachers to inform the academic management team of developing problems, and running attendance reports from the SIMS.

Good attendance is achieved by means of pastoral chats, verbal warnings and written warnings, as with other disciplinary issues.

Reviewed May 2021 – DC