40+ Courses

Although we frequently welcome mature students to BEET, we understand that sometimes you want to spend some of your free time with students of a similar age, so we’ve come up with the perfect solution!

Our 40+ classes are integrated so you will be studying at the right level for you, which is the best way for you to improve your English as much as possible.

We’ve put together a special social programme to ensure that outside the classroom you’ll have a selection of activities uniquely designed for you: 2 afternoon outings per week, an exciting, boutique Sunday excursion, and 2 (optional) evenings out. We’re determined for you to have the best experience possible!


Our 40+ courses are designed to:

  • Improve your English in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Offer an interesting programme of visits and experiences
  • Meet and make new friends from around the world


Lessons will be integrated with students of all ages from all over the world. You will take a test on your first day so we are able to place you in the best possible class for you.

  • Levels are elementary to proficiency
  • Maximum class size is 14 students
  • Minimum age is 40 (ish), with no upper age limit
  • Lessons will be with students from all over the world

After lessons, you will join the 40+ participants for the rest of the day.

Free Extra Lessons

If you want to have some free extra lessons, you can join a teaching practice class in the afternoon. These classes are taught by our trainee teachers, who are studying for a Cambridge University qualification. You will need to register your name each day in Reception for these classes, but you have priority over other students. Available only when training courses are operating. Max class size: 15

More Options

We very often welcome students over forty to BEET and they recommend the experience! When given the choice, they said they prefer to be in classes with younger people – the dynamic is richer and it’s lots more fun too! So far, our oldest student was 84 years old!

Social Programme

After morning lessons, there are two guided afternoon trips to places of interest for you to experience the local area its best, you’ll also be able to sample a traditional cream tea, or perhaps fish and chips or even both! There are also free afternoons to arrange your own visits for shopping, sightseeing or just to take it easy!

Sunday Social Programme

These are organised exclusively for our 40+ programme. There will be several excursions available including trips to the Jurassic Coast, Swanage, Winchester, Portsmouth, the New Forest and more! If you’re just as happy to spend time with the younger adult students at BEET, separate Saturday excursions are organised weekly which you’re also welcome to join.

Evening Options

We arrange 2 (optional) evenings out each week for those of you who fancy an evening at a traditional English pub, these nights are already very popular! There are also optional film/theatre nights at extra cost, accompanied by a member of staff.

For the more adventurous, the main school has a full evening programme of lectures on British culture, films, quizzes etc. Everyone is welcome to join, whatever your age.

Bournemouth Air Festival

This is the largest free festival of its kind in Europe and attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators from all over the world! To make the very most of the event, we’ve organised an exclusive afternoon at one of Bournemouth’s finest hotels. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy the day from the sun terrace where you’ll also be served a luxurious lunch and a glass of wine or two, al fresco – you will also benefit from the best views in town!

Dates Number of Weeks Price per Course
4 July 2022 2, 3 or 4 £495 per week
18 July 2022 2, 3 or 4 £495 per week
1 August 2022 2, 3 or 4 £495 per week
15 August 2022 2 or 3 £495 per week


You can choose to stay in regular or executive homestay near the centre (see published prices). There is also a wide range of hotels in Bournemouth, and special rates are available at some. Accommodation is also available in guest houses (bed and breakfast) near the centre.